How is this going to work:
1. Search your goods. 2. Input your numbers what you need of the goods. 3. The numbers in the outcome are the goods you can put as opposite.

Era's Goods Better lower alternative Better higher alternative Result Input Rate price per 24 hours
Bronze age: Stone, Lumber, Marble, Dye, Wine 400/400
Iron age: Limestone, Ebony, Iron, Cloth, Jewelry 800/800
Early middle ages: Copper, Granite, Alabaster, Gold, Honey 1600/1600
High middle ages: Brick, Rope, Salt, Dried Herbs, Glass 3200/3200
Late middle ages: Basalt, Brass, Silk, Talc Powder, Gunpowder 6400/6400
Colonial age: Paper, Coffee, Wire, Porcelain, Tar 9600/9600
Industrial age: Rubber, Coke, Textiles, Whale oil, Fertilizer 12800/12800
Progressive Era: Asbestos, Gasoline, Machine parts, Tinplate, Explosives 16000/16000
Modern Era: Feronconcrete, Convenience Food, Flavorants, Packages, Luxury Materials 19200/19200 (*)
Postmodern Era: Renewable Resources, Steel, Semiconductors, Industrial Filters, Genome Data 24000/24000 (*)
Contemporary Era: Electromagnets, Gas, Plastics, Robots, Bionics Data 28800/28800 (*)
Tomorrow: Translucent Concrete, Smart Materials, Papercrete, Preservatives, Nutrition Research 33600/33600 (*)
The Future: Biogeochemical Data, Purified Water, Algae, Superconductors, Nanoparticles 40000/40000 (*)
Arctic Future: Nanowire, Transester Gas, A.I. Data, Paper Batteries, Bioplastics 46800/46800 (*)
Oceanic Future: Artificial Scales, Biolight, Corals, Pearls, Plankton 51600/51600 (*)
Virtual Future: Tea silk, Nanites, Data Crystals, Cryptocash, Golden Rice 64000/64000 (*)
Space Age Mars: BioTech Crops, Fusion Reactors, Lubricant, Mars Microbes, Superalloys 300000/300000 (*)

Version 4.7